Tax incentives are instruments of regional development policy aimed at stimulating the formation of fixed and social capital in certain regions, with the aim of generating jobs and income and stimulating economic and social development.

With fiscal incentives companies gain cash flow, since the resources that should be earmarked for the payment of some tax may be invested in the acquisition of equipment, expansion of productive capacity, training, development, etc.

Incentive on growth and new business for economic and social development

We provide tax incentives services in the following areas:

Fiscal Incentive Projects:
Studies of projects that unite the interest of the company with tax incentive programs already regulated. Special mention should be made of the development program of the company in Santa Catarina, the different tax treatment regimens and research and development - PRODEC.

The Company's Development Program - PRODEC, aims to grant incentives to the implantation or expansion of industrial enterprises that will produce and generate employment and income in the State of Santa Catarina. It is an incentive, the postponement, equivalent to a pre-determined percentage of the value of the ICMS to be generated by the new project.

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