Market Segments

Some market segments of our customers:

Textiles: Fabrications, Knitwear, Clothing, Fashion, Bed Table and Bath, Sports Equipment, Strings.
Metal-Mechanical: Foundries, Autoparts, Compressors, Machinery and Equipment, Household Appliances, Industrial Furnaces, Wires and Cables, Silos, Storage Equipment, Power Generators, Refrigeration.
Plastic: Pipes and Fittings, Industrial Parts, Household Utilities, Packaging and Labels.
Automotive: Vehicles, Autoparts, Dealers, Tractors, Truck Bodywork.
Technology: Startups, Investment Funds, Software Development, Industrial Automation.
Retail: Supermarkets, Building Materials, Retail, Franchising, Shopping Centers, Distributors, Pharmacies.
Finance: Commercial Banks, Fintechs, CFIs, DTVMs, Consortium Managers, Credit Cooperatives.
Turismo: Hotels, Resorts, Theme Parks, Soccer Clubs, Golf Clubs, Movie Theater Companies.
Energy: Generation, Transmission, Distribution, SHPs, Carboniferous, Wind.
Ceramics: Flooring & Coatings, Ceramics & Porcelain, Clay.
Transportation: Passenger Transport, Freight Transport, Railways, Transport Associations and Cooperatives.
Chemicals: Chemicals, Drug Laboratories, Drug Distributors.
Hospital: Hospitals, Clinics, Foundations, Health Plan Operators.
Naval: Shipyards, Harbors.
Wood: Forestry, Timber, Furniture and Decoration, Doors and Windows.
Food: Meat Packing, Poultry, Cereal, Agroindustries, Cooperatives, Warehouses, Mills, Jellies, Fruits, Dairy, Cassava Starch, Food and Beverage Distributors, Mineral Water, Fish.
Education: Colleges, Universities, Online Courses.
Paper & Pulp: Paper Industries, Cardboard Boxes, Corrugated Rolls.
Construction: Infrastructure, Builders and Contractors, Real Estate.
Other Services: Asset Management, Clinical Analysis Laboratories, Engineering, Tradings, Vehicle Rental, Equipment Rental, Law Offices, Environmental Consulting.
Third Sector: Associations, Foundations, Churches.

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