Martinelli Auditores
began its activities as an audit firm in 1973

and over the years we have audited and advised companies of all sizes and market segments and we have as our patrimony our client portfolio.

Our headquarter is located in Joinville (SC) and we maintain offices in São Paulo (SP), Porto Alegre (RS), Florianópolis (SC), Curitiba (PR), Maringá (PR), Criciúma (SC) and Goiânia (GO), all with modern equipped offices and in great locations.

Martinelli structures the work based on international auditing standards and its own methodologies, technically effective, built and improved through the experience of our professionals.

Our way of acting is based on the intense personalized relationship with the client in all the stages of the work development and the agility in the decision making. The results are translated with great satisfaction and consequent fidelity of our clients, without prejudice to the professional independence.

For the other services, we seek to understand the needs of the company and also to look for opportunities to contribute with aspects of management, taxes, human resources, costs, information technology and several other areas.

The success of Martinelli is structured from the intense training of its technical staff, counting on professionals with experience in several specialties. In this way we add solutions to Martinelli Client's business.

Martinelli Auditores occupies a prominent position among the largest auditing companies in Brazil, and credits its success to the talent and dedication of its professionals who render services of recognized quality.

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R. Dona Francisca, 1113 - 10º e 11º andar
Saguaçu - Joinville - SC
CEP 89.221-006
Phone: +55 (47) 2101.1900

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